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need help with w3 or w3m

I am trying to install w3 on my Emacs. I have Scientific Linux Cern 4- a linux distro derived from red hat- there is already installed emacs 21.3.5 and xemacs 21.4. With xemacs no problems to install and use w3, but if I run emacs there isn't w3.
Then, I have downloaded w3-4.opre.47 and I tryed to install it, using

./configure --with-emacs=/usr/local/bin/emacs

but when I isuue the command make, I have
File `/root/swAcc/w3/w3-4.0pre.47/lisp/w3.elc' was not compiled in Emacs
make[1]: *** [w3-cfg.elc] Error 255
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/swAcc/w3/w3-4.0pre.47/lisp'
make: *** [w3] Error 2

What is wrong? is there a way to resolve this ?

Another problem: because I was not able to install w3, I tryed with w3m. But when I run ./configure I have:

checking GC library exists... yes
checking gc.h usability... no
checking gc.h presence... no
checking for gc.h... no
checking GC header location... /usr /usr/local /root
checking /usr/include... checking gc.h usability... no
checking for gc.h... no
configure: error: gc.h not found

Do I have missing something?


thank you!

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