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ViaVoice 6.7 - Problem to convert .rpm to .deb for amd64 architecture

Hi all,

I'm in the process of testing the ViaVoice french language with
emacspeak. The problem I encounter is that I must install viaVoice on an
amd64 architecture with debian system. so I must before all convert the
ViaVoice rpms to debian packages for amd64 architecture. Unfortunately
it seems that libstdc++2.10 is not available for this architecture. So I
searched on the web and found doc explaining that the solution is to
install a chrooted 32-bits minimal architecture to be able to install the needed
libraries. so I did that but after adding the good lines in the
/etc/ld.so.conf file to include 32-bits libraries, adding a symlink in /lib which point to the
32-bits linker and running ldconfig, the problem is still present. the
libstdc++2.10 libraries are installed in the 32-bits minimal system but
ar not seen when I try to convert the rpms with alien.

So my question : Has someone ever tried to generate ViaVoice .deb
packages for amd64 or has someone ideas of how I can proceed ?

thank in advance for your suggestions and advices,


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