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pronunciation questions

I have finally started using the pronunciation features lately and have
noticed a few things that I need to ask about.

I have read every message in the archive that came up with a search for
"pronunciation" and I have not seen anyone mention this issue before.

I have defined several words in the various gnus modes.  One such word
is debian.  No matter what I do, the word is pronounced with a long e.
I have defined it to sound like "dehbian", but it just wont stick.  If I
define it in the group buffer, the pronunciation is persistent, but if I
close gnus, the pronunciation is back to the long e.  In the summary
buffer and in the article buffer, it lasts as long as that buffer is
open.  I have defined these as mode specific, and other mode-specific
pronunciations, such as "set q" and "c a r" in lisp mode work fine.

I have the following in my .emacs file:

(add-hook 'emacspeak-startup-hook
  (function (lambda ()

except that the last line is not broken and indented.  



Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

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