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addressing rmail through emacspeak

Hi Tim,
Fedora core 3, and I suppose  RH , use /usr/sbin/sendmail as an MTA.

This is, I believe, a powerful, but low-level program. It is certainly
impossible to configure by hand. I had tried for 3 months to configure
smtpmail.el so that use googlemail as my mail server. It was a total
failure; there seem to be some issues concerning the TLS protocol and
gmail.con's requirement that cannot be resolved through lisp code in
the ~/.emacs file.

I was advised by an ex-student/colleague to try installing `msmtp' and
(setq sendmail-program "/usr/local/bin/msmtp")

and since then happiness   abounds!

It is trivial to write a .msmtprc file and I will happily send a
sample to anybody who wants to have a look 

PS: I have written to Abhishek about switching to VM rather than
sticking to RMail. 
Kat mine.

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