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Trying to use ViaVoice

Hi Robert,

   I am still trying to figure out why my `default voice' is a reedy  one,
   if not squeaky; you complained that your default voice was like
   James Earl Jones. And I am  also
using the US English tts.
Well, I opened a LaTeX file which started:
%-*- Mode: LaTeX -*-
\section{Categories, Functors, Homology Theories}

took  the point to the `t' of \section and pressed C-e M-v. This is
what I got:

Text properties at 28:

font-lock-multiline  t
face                 (font-lock-comment-face font-latex-sedate-face)
personality          (acss-p0-s0-all acss-s3-r4)
fontified            t

Can you identify this `voice'.

A few comments:
1. The sedate-face, comment face are actually faces created by AuCTeX
packages like font lock and font-latex.
which is a a part of AuCTeX a major mode which is called whenever I open a LaTeX

2.I can reproduce everything except the last but one line
by doing M-x list-text-properties-at <RET>;
This is the  line about personality.

I recall that setting up font-latex involved settings of
font-lock-decoration and there is something like that (with font-lock
replaced by voice-lock) in the sample
initiailazation file given by Robert J. Chassels in his info article

You didn't mention any initialization issues in our earlier discussions.

 Maybe, I need to twiddle around with my .emacs file 
for us to hear the same set of voices.

I am still, starting emacspeak running with Lucas's alsa-enabled
eflite-binary. Then I do C-e dd outloud <RET>

to start ViaVoice. How does one go backwards?


PS: I am putting this up on the list so that Gilles, Lucas and
others involved in   the project can read it. Should I shift to the
Oralux list, I haven't see you post there.

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