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Re: Trying to use ViaVoice

Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan.infinity@gmail.com> writes:

>    I am still trying to figure out why my `default voice' is a reedy
> one, if not squeaky; you complained that your default voice was like
> James Earl Jones. And I am also using the US English tts.  Well, I
> opened a LaTeX file which started: %-*- Mode: LaTeX -*-
> \section{Categories, Functors, Homology Theories}

Actually, I said that the bolden voice was too low.  Maybe I said that
the default _for_ the bolden voice was too low... Sorry for the

> took the point to the `t' of \section and pressed C-e M-v. This is
> what I got:
> Text properties at 28:
> font-lock-multiline t face (font-lock-comment-face
> font-latex-sedate-face) personality (acss-p0-s0-all acss-s3-r4)
> fontified t
> Can you identify this `voice'.

If it is like my system, the voice used for comments is a voice which is
monotone.  Here is what I get when I do the command on comments in elisp

Personality emacspeak-voice-lock-comment-personality Face

The font-latex-sedate-face is something defined in auctex mode.  That
voice is assigned the personality of voice-smoothen, so that will affect
it as well.

One thing that has to be mentioned here is that I am running cvs and
there was a change that was made to make the voice be output instead of
the settings, i.e. voice-bolden vs. acss-a1-p6-s6.

When you open a mail message, what does the unadorned text sound like?
By this I mean the message text, not the citation text or urls or the
signature etc.

> A few comments: 1. The sedate-face, comment face are actually faces
> created by AuCTeX packages like font lock and font-latex.  which is a
> a part of AuCTeX a major mode which is called whenever I open a LaTeX
> file.
> 2.I can reproduce everything except the last but one line by doing M-x
> list-text-properties-at <RET>; This is the line about personality.
> I recall that setting up font-latex involved settings of
> font-lock-decoration and there is something like that (with font-lock
> replaced by voice-lock) in the sample initiailazation file given by
> Robert J. Chassels in his info article

I am not sure I understand what you are saying here.  Can you give me an
url to go to and see what you are talking about?  If I understand you
correctly, this might be the problem.  

> You didn't mention any initialization issues in our earlier
> discussions.

It must all be done automagically.  The voice settings should, as I
understand things, be initialized when modes start.  Here is the way I
understand it.

1.  emacspeak is started and personalities are defined (voice-bolden,

2.  I open my ~/.emacs file.  

3.  font-lock is turned on.  This assigns faces to certain pre-defined
    text qualities such as -font-elisp-comment--face-that-rdc-made-up 

4.  the emacspeak-elisp.el file (this might not be the file name)
    assigns voices to the faces that have just been defined.

If this is wrong, someone please set me straight.

>  Maybe, I need to twiddle around with my .emacs file for us to hear
> the same set of voices.

Unlikely.  I have some rather weird stuff going on in regards to how
voices are defined.  If it becomes necessary I can change them back to
see what is going on.

> I am still, starting emacspeak running with Lucas's alsa-enabled
> eflite-binary. Then I do C-e dd outloud <RET>

I wouldn't think this should make a difference.
> to start ViaVoice. How does one go backwards?

If I understand correctly, you want to start up with outloud, with the
option of changing to eflite.  There is an environment variable that is
called DTK_PROGRAM that must be set.  It might be set in your .bashrc
file, if you have an /etc/emacspeak.conf file it might be set from
there, or it might be set from the bin/emacspeak script that you use to
start emacspeak.  The most likely is the emacspeak.conf, if I understand
your setup.

> Cheers.  Kalyan
> PS: I am putting this up on the list so that Gilles, Lucas and others
> involved in the project can read it. Should I shift to the Oralux
> list, I haven't see you post there.  K.

I am not currently subscribed there.  Just haven't had time yet.  


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