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Re:shell under emacs

Thank you to all for your help!
About using shell, I know there is term too, but it's not a problem,
this person is using emacs at university and there are many professors who are helping him and know what is useful and what is not, I don't know what he must do-it study phisics- thanks you again!


> You can get the previous command history by using C-p and the next one
> by using C-n when running M-x shell. However, note that you probably
> better off using M-x term rather than M-x shell. The 'term' mode is a
> lot more sophisticated and robust for shell style interaction. the
> 'shell' command is very basic and really only useful for very simple
> 'quick and dirty' commands rather than for more extended shell
> interaction. Another very useful shell is M-x eshell, which is a shell
> written in emacs lisp. The nice aspect of this shell is that you have
> full intergration with emacs and can use commands like C-x C-f to find
> a file without having to use terminal escape characters or different
> key bindings that don't interfere with the shell etc.
> I find it rare that you actually need to use the shell. This is a
> common misconception with new users. I would strongly recommend
> posting some description of what this user is using the shell for as
> it is very likely there are alternative solutions which work even
> better with emacspeak and provide superior speech feedback. For
> example, using dired rather than ls to get a listing of what is in a
> directory and using tramp to access files on remote systems etc.
> Tim
> mooncar@libero.it writes:
>  >
>  > Hi!
>  > I have installed emacs with speech support,now it works well,but the boy
>  > who is using that tells me he needs to use the command M-x shell, in emacs.
>  > Is it possible to recall the commands that he have just issued,
>  > like in the linux shell out of emacs?now he must re-type the commands...
>  > I have tryied to find a solution but I don't use that program-I only
>  > installed and tryied if it's working- so if someone can help...
>  > thanks in advance,
>  > veronica
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