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Re: shell under emacs

>>>>> "TC" == Tim Cross <tcross@rapttech.com.au> writes:

    TC> However, note that you probably better off using M-x term rather
    TC> than M-x shell.

To clarify this: `M-x term' and `M-x shell' are two different things.
`M-x term' runs an (imperfect) terminal emulator, while `M-x shell' runs
a command line interface to shells.  If you want to run a visual program
or a program with its own command completion, you need to run `M-x term'
which redirects all the user interaction to the program.  If you need to
run commands from shell, `M-x shell' allows you, unlike `M-x term', to
use all the standard Emacs commands to edit command lines, read command
outputs, search in them, handle command history, etc.

As Tim has mentioned, if you want to manage files, it's useful to learn
Dired and Tramp.


Milan Zamazal

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