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Re: Conference Schedule for Emacspeak?

Hi Davem,

I think one big advantage of this mailing list is that answers to problems
get archived and are thus available for future reference. On the other
hand, people might speak more freely when their words are not recorded
for eternity and can not be easily googled for 10 years from now.

I am in the CET timezone (central Europe). One simple way to "talk" in
real time would be to meet on good old IRC. I have only little
experience with erc, but it seems to be usable with emacspeak.

Regards, Lukas

davem writes ("Conference Schedule for Emacspeak?"):
> Hello from central pennsylvania eastern standard time.

> Is anyone interested in real time conferencing, once or twice a month,
> to casually swap ideas for new uses of emacspeak and to solve problems?

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