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Conference Schedule for Emacspeak?

Hello from central pennsylvania eastern standard time.
I am a sighted programmer turned stay at home dad.  I am very
excited about emacspeak and I am getting my feet wet with e lisp.
Is anyone interested in real time conferencing, once or twice a month,
to casually swap ideas for new uses of emacspeak and to solve problems?
This mailing list is really friendly, but I am thinking quick and easy
back and forth communication, exchanging ideas and coming up with
new ones.  I have some ideas and could use some feedback, and I'd love
to discuss other peoples problems and ideas too. Lancaster Pennsylvania
is not swarming with emacspeak users.
If posting a reply to this does not suit you, feel free to e mail or
telephone me directly.  If you e mail, please put emacs in the subject
line somewhere. I am open to hearing from anyone and everyone.
If you have never posted to this list, this means you.
If you are in North America, I will happily telephone you back.
To phone me, area 7 1 7  3 9 0  8 7 8 5
For e mail use dmagill@attglobal.net
If there is any interest in this, we can figure out how to do it.
Thank you from Dave Magill pronounced mah gill

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