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Re: IRC Channel For Emacspeak

For questions that are more emacs questions
that emacspeak questions, it makes certainly more sense to ask them in
#emacs. the advantage of the dedicated channel is that it is easy to
spot people that are interested in emacspeak in particular and that
there is less noice.  If we go with #emacs, I suggest people post
there nick names on this list so those that want can add them to their
notify lists. As mentioned mine is "gt2". Unfortunately, I have not
figured out yet how to actually be notified after adding people with
the /notify command.


T. V. Raman writes ("IRC Channel For Emacspeak "):
> Rather than having a  dedicated #emacspeak channel, I suggest
> just joining #emacs --- which has a lot more users. In general,
> the whole idea behind building Emacspeak on top of Emacs was to
> leverage the large base of useful software that exists for Emacs;
> I believe this also extends to leveraging the user base, and
> setting up a niche channel for just Emacspeak users is probably a
> bad idea.
> I suggest using irc://irc.freenode.net/#emacs 
> for now -- we can always revisit the issue if the emacspeak
> specific traffic on #emacs gets sufficiently loud that
> main-stream Emacs users say "go create your own channel". Frankly
> I do not expect mainstream users to say that --- and at the end
> of the day newby Emacspeak users can learn a lot more than
> mainstream Emacs users than other Emacspeak learners who are
> probably just as new to Emacs as they themselves are.
> -- 
> Best Regards,
> --raman

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