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Off-topic announcement: Free On-line Courses of English and Germanlanguage for blind people


I am sorry for an off-topic announcement, but I believe this might be an
interesting information for many participants of this list.

Brailcom is pleased to announce, that our project of free, Internet
based language courses for blind people was finished and the results are
available on-line to anyone interested.  The courses are designed to
allow self-studying and are accessible using free software tools.

English and German language courses are available in two levels:
Intermediate and Advanced.

Find more at http://eurochance.brailcom.org

Any feedback is welcome.

Best regards

Tomas Cerha

Brailcom, o.p.s. http://www.brailcom.org
Free(b)soft project http://www.freebsoft.org
Eurochance project http://eurochance.brailcom.org

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