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Re: Changing pronunciations and saving them.

Hi Robert,

   Thanks for the "addendum" to the .emacs file.

Here is what I did:
Open a LaTeX file;

then  do  C-e Meta-d

and was greeted with the message:

Dictionary:  Clear Define Edit Load Refresh Save Toggle 

Now which choice to go for?

I tried to get documentation (which does not exist, other than the
I tried C-h k C-e Meta-d and pressed RET on `emacspeak-pronounce':

I read everything within " " because in other places, it is a matter
of `No spikka da language'!

I am afraid of doing damage to the default dictionaries by arbitrary
selecting an option and saving it.

Surely, this question must have been discussed at length before
though I do not recollect any step-by-step instruction like the ones
that came out  of the RDC-Raman exchange on "Voices".


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