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Re: w3 issues

I fetched the cvs version of url and w3 this morning and nothing has
changed.  For the last two days or so, I have been using w3 for
everything it will work for and the conclusion I have come to is that
voicification of italics and pre tags are the only compelling reasons
for me to use w3.  I _do_ realize that I have barely scratched the
surface of this package, but with the speed penalty, the hit-and-miss on
whether the site will render, the fact that linearize-tables doesn't
seem to work all the time, the fact that the documentation is, I
believe, out-of-date, and that it seems that w3 is going the way of
disco... I think my time would be better served trying to make w3m work
to do the things that keep people using w3.

Concerning my final statement, why do people continue to use w3?  I know
there are people, like Tim and, I think,  Robert C. that use both on a
regular basis.  What, for those who use both, are the reasons?

Thanks to all that tried to help.  Your assistance is always welcome and


Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

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