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Forward of David Burley's reply to T.V.Raman about SourceForge

 From: David Burley <burley@sourceforge.net>
 To: raman@users.sf.net
 Cc: emacspeak@cs.vassar.edu,
	Jay Seirmarco <jseirmarco@vasoftware.com>,
	Chris Clarke <cclarke@vasoftware.com>,
	Jacob Moorman <moorman@sourceforge.net>
 Subject: Re: Users Matter: Please Make SourceForge Usable
 Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2006 18:05:48 -0400 (EDT)


The plan is to revert this change on Monday.

Thank you,

David Burley
Quality of Service Analyst, SourceForge.net

On Sat, 2006-06-10 at 21:05 -0700, T. V. Raman wrote:
> David, 
> Please consider reversing this 
> http://digg.com/software/SourceForge_makes_getting_files_even_more_difficult
> a high priority.
> Sourceforge is already very difficult to use for users who cannot
> see, and the above might be the last straw with respect to users
> like myself continuing to use and support sourceforge.
> I consider the aove sufficiently bad that I will probably have to
> start looking for alternative sites to host the emacspeak
> project.
> SF has been a wonderful free service, but it might be  becoming
> too *costly* in other ways.

> >>>>> "David" == David Burley <burley@sourceforge.net> writes:
>     David> Greetings, So you are fully appraised of the issue,
>     David> here's the text from the site status page
>     David> (https://www.sf.net/docs/A04):
>     David> 
>     David> ( 2006-04-14 11:18:04 - Project CVS Service ) As of
>     David> 2006-04-14 we have an estimate on when the replacement
>     David> CVS hardware for the new infrastructure will
>     David> arrive. As soon as we get in into our hands, we'll
>     David> actively work on it, with a goal of having it online
>     David> by the end of the month of April. This is a best
>     David> guess, and may not get hit due to the aggressive
>     David> timeline we have placed on this project. However, be
>     David> assured that recovery of this service in full is our
>     David> highest priority. The sync process between developer
>     David> and anonymous CVS (ViewCVS, etc.) is disabled now
>     David> until the new infrastructure is in place, to ensure we
>     David> have maximum coverage for the small number of data
>     David> corruption issues that have been detected. We
>     David> understand this is sub-optimal, but strongly believe
>     David> that the protection of the data is paramount.
>     David> 
>     David> ( 2006-04-06 13:04:54 - Project CVS Service ) As
>     David> result of the 2006-03-30 CVS outage, and previous CVS
>     David> outages, some CVS repositories do not exist on the
>     David> anonymous/ViewCVS CVS hosts. This will result in proxy
>     David> errors and other various unusual results when trying
>     David> to access those hosts. Once we get the CVS services
>     David> into better order, we'll start the synchronization
>     David> processes again and these problems will go away. Our
>     David> primary concern right now is for the security and
>     David> reliability of developer CVS access, after which we'll
>     David> restore anonymous access.
>     David> 
>     David>  ( 2006-04-06 13:02:34 - Project CVS Service ) During
>     David> the post-CVS outage system assessment from the March
>     David> 30, 2006 CVS outage, we have noted a few cases of
>     David> filesystem corruption on the developer CVS server.  We
>     David> expect that a small number of repositories are
>     David> affected (likely 50 or less) by the data
>     David> corruption. Accordingly, we'd like all projects to
>     David> audit their CVS repository for corruption and raise
>     David> any issues to us via a Confidential Support Request
>     David> immediately. In order to ensure your own data
>     David> integrity, we also ask that you make a backup of your
>     David> working copy, and do a full checkout of your
>     David> repository along-side your existing working copy, so
>     David> it can remain a valid source of data for your project,
>     David> should a file be found corrupt (it very well may be
>     David> the most recent, applicable data, even though we have
>     David> multiple other sources for the same file). In some
>     David> cases, we have detected the corruption and will be
>     David> contacting those projects directly via email as we
>     David> move forward. While we continue to work on ensuring
>     David> the data viability on the developer CVS host, we are
>     David> also continuing our progress with the replacement
>     David> infrastructure for CVS. The new hardware order has
>     David> been placed and we are concurrently preparing the
>     David> technology and software components needed to make the
>     David> transition to the new infrastructure. Again, we thank
>     David> you for your patience and cooperation while we do
>     David> everything we can to safegaurd your data.
>     David> 
>     David>  ( 2006-04-04 15:09:16 - Project CVS Service ) On
>     David> 2006-04-04 at 14:15 Pacific developer CVS services
>     David> were re-enabled after replacement of the failed
>     David> hardware, successful completion of a full host backup,
>     David> and a cursory data validity check on the host. As a
>     David> precaution, we have not re-enabled the sync between
>     David> anonymous pserver/ViewCVS and the developer CVS
>     David> host. We anticipate that the sync's along with tarball
>     David> generation will be re-enabled on Friday. Any issues
>     David> found with CVS services over the following 7 days
>     David> should be reported to the Confidential Support Queue.
>     David> 
>     David>  ( 2006-04-03 14:04:56 - Project CVS Service ) As an
>     David> update to the 2006-03-30 CVS outage, our current
>     David> estimate is that CVS services will be back online
>     David> (developer access) late Tuesday or early Wednesday
>     David> (Pacific Timezone).
>     David> 
>     David> ( 2006-04-03 05:55:21 - Project CVS Service ) On
>     David> 2006-03-30 the developer CVS server had a substantial
>     David> system failure. Due to the implementation of the CVS
>     David> service, there is a single point of failure with
>     David> multiple points of recovery (there is more than one
>     David> data source we could potentially recover from if there
>     David> is any data loss as a result of the failure). This
>     David> outage currently affects developer CVS access
>     David> directly, but we have disabled tarball updates and
>     David> data syncs from the developer CVS server to the
>     David> anonymous pserver/ViewCVS hosts as an additional level
>     David> of precaution. Our main focus since the outage was
>     David> detected has been to safegaurd all data on the
>     David> developer CVS server as well as possible. We are
>     David> currently attempting to backup the data on the host,
>     David> which is taking longer than we initially anticipated
>     David> it would, but is a necessary step to fully safegaurd
>     David> the host's data. Next, we are going to perform some
>     David> data validation to ensure the data set appears
>     David> valid. Pending successful completion of those steps,
>     David> we'll reenable developer CVS access. A few days after,
>     David> we'll reenable CVS tarballs and syncs to anonymous
>     David> CVS. In the mean time, we're currently advancing plans
>     David> for a CVS architecture change based upon the knowledge
>     David> we gained during Subversion deployment to eliminate
>     David> the single point of failure that developer CVS
>     David> currently has, add horizontal scalability and overall
>     David> service resiliance. However, we still do not have an
>     David> estimate on when developer CVS services will be
>     David> restored, but we have been, and currently are actively
>     David> working to restore access to CVS. We appreciate your
>     David> patience with us while we work to properly resolve
>     David> this major outage.
>     David> 
>     David>  ( 2006-03-31 07:00:01 - Project CVS Service ) On
>     David> 2006-03-30 the developer CVS server had a hardware
>     David> issue that required us to take the service offline. We
>     David> are actively working on this problem and hope to have
>     David> it back up soon. There is not a current estimate for
>     David> the duration of this outage, but when we get one, it
>     David> will be posted on the site status page (this page). We
>     David> currently expect this outage to last 48 hours, at
>     David> minimum.
>     David> 
>     David> 
>     David> 
>     David> The basic gist of it is, that anonymous CVS will be
>     David> down until we get the new infrastructure up. We
>     David> believe the hosts will be delivered to us next week,
>     David> and we have already started the development of the
>     David> software pieces needed to implement it. The current
>     David> hope is to have it done by the end of this week, but
>     David> as we don't have the hardware yet, it may take until
>     David> the first week of may to resolve.
>     David> 
>     David> That said, as the tracker is not usable to you, do not
>     David> hesitate to contact me directly via this manner. While
>     David> I don't like the general populous to do this, as that
>     David> would certainly inundate me with email traffic, I
>     David> definitely don't mine hearing from you directly on any
>     David> matters. The site is not optimized for the blind, but
>     David> I and we support your efforts to make software easier
>     David> to use for the blind. Hopefully we can change that as
>     David> we move forward, but stability and service
>     David> availability are the top concerns at the moment.
>     David> 
>     David> So, please do not hesitate to contact me directly with
>     David> your concerns.
>     David> 
>     David> Thank you,
>     David> 
>     David> David Burley Quality of Service Analyst,
>     David> SourceForge.net
>     David> 
>     David> 
>     David> On Sat, 2006-04-22 at 08:24 -0700, T. V. Raman wrote:
>     >> David, Could you look into this for us?  It appears that
>     >> anon cvs has not been getting updated for a while ---
>     >> looks like it has not been receiving updates after the cvs
>     >> meltdown at Sourceforge a couple of weeks ago.  i
>     >> apologize for not using SF's Web interface to report the
>     >> problem, but as I've mentioned in the past, that setup is
>     >> well-nigh impossible to use if you cannot see.
>     >> 
>     >> Thanks for your help.  email message attachment,
>     >> "forwarded message" On Sat, 2006-04-22 at 08:24 -0700,
>     >> T. V. Raman wrote: > Hi Raman,
>     >> > 
>     >> > I stil cannot see the changes to emacspeak-m-player.el
>     >> or any other > changes in the anonymous CVS. I believe
>     >> this goes beyond a normal > delay. The anonymous CVs
>     >> appears to be locked at a state from maybe 2 > weeks ago.
>     >> > 
>     >> > Best regards, Lukas
>     David> -- David Burley Quality of Service Analyst,
>     David> SourceForge.net burley@sourceforge.net
>     David> 
>     David> 
>     David> 
>     David> 
>     David> **************************************************************************
>     David> This email may contain confidential and privileged
>     David> material for the sole use of the intended recipient.
>     David> Any review or distribution by others is strictly
>     David> prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient,
>     David> please contact the sender and delete all copies.
>     David> ***************************************************************************
>  Thanks, 
>  --Raman
David Burley
Quality of Service Analyst, SourceForge.net

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