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	It seems to me  that very few Emacspeakers use the command
	`C-e :' which is probably why TVR has not achieved his `wish'
	of adding a section on realaudio to the user-guide.

I have been trying to use this facility and getting into difficulties:

I have realplay installed and the following in my .emacs

; realaudio stuff
(require 'emacspeak-realaudio)
(setq emacspeak-realaudio-shortcuts-directory "/home/kalyan/music/")

I have used customize to set the variable
emacspeak-realaudio-player to /usr/bin/realplay

I have the link/ram for the BBC worldservice copied to the shortcuts
directory as bbcnews.ram.

When I do `C-e :' I am prompted for the resource and I hit Space and
choose bbcnews.ram.

I hear "Launched audiostream" followed by silence. Emacspeak, emacs
etc all seem to hang! The only way of recovering is Control + Meta +
Backspace which kills the gnome session in which Emacspeak was

If I do `realaudio bbcnews.ram' in an xterm when I am at the music
directory, I hear the BbC nice and clear.

A letter in the archives from '98  suggests that the problem might be
the fact that I do not have a multichannel sound card and hence don't
use auditory icons. Could somebody tell me how to go about using


PS I am using Emacspeak 24.0 with the alsa binary eflite_alsa
built by Lucas Lohrer as my tts engine.


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