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Hello all,

Yes, I do run Debian stable (sarge) for that very reason.  However, from memory, I think there wasn't a w3 package on the debian stable list;     a posting from Tim a few months ago reported that w3 had again become usable after a recent change in the debian testing w3 package, so it seemed reasonable to use that one. 

Again, you may be interested in the non-computer-professional point of view:  debian stable is indeed stable, in that once a change is made to the system, it stays.  However, it is a regular occurrence that installing a new package is not straightfoward and requires some tracking down of problems.  I enjoy the attempt, but am not always successful.  

I find the eyes-free access to the whole system, plus its stability, compelling reasons for using Linux and emacspeak,  as opposed to anythiing else, despite the extra time and learning involved.  



T. V. Raman writes:
 > you were probably missing some networking related library and
 > installing curl probably pulled it over.
 > If you're "not a computer professional" you should be running
 > something stable --- not the bleeding edge of Debian.

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