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Re: Linux Distros [was emacs-w3]

Hi, all.
Well, for the last few days I have been running Ubuntu Dappper Drake 
6.06. It is based off of Debian in regards to package management and 
tools which makes it nice, and it comes with allot of bleeding edge 
packages. It is one of those Linux's totally geared for the GUI with 
Gnome 2.14 and gnopernicus 1.05 pre-installed, and automatically is 
configured to boot directly in to gnome.
If you are looking for a more text based setup with emacspeak etc you'll 
need to use gnopernicus or orca to run apt-get and grab all your 
favorite text based packages such as lynx, mplayer, etc...
 I personally am more of a GUI person myself so Ubuntu has large apeal 
to me, but since it has Debians package management it is very easy to 
update and grab as many text based apps as you want from Ubuntu main, 
restricted, and universe repositories. You can also get some commercial 
packages from multiuniverse with apt-get as well.

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