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EMACS_UNIBYTE and installing auctex

Tim Cross writes:
>Be aware that removing emacs_unibyte may have unpredictable results
>for many TTS systems. 
I did not make myself clear here.  My suggested procedure was
start emacspeak as normal, including the setting of EMACS_UNIBYTE
start your favourite shell in a shell buffer
remove EMACS_UNIBYTE from the environment in that shell buffer with a
>recipe depending on your shell
Then make auctex
the make procedure includes lots of batch invocations of emacs either
to byte compile or the generate the auto-loads.  This procedure
ensures they'll be compiled multibyte if needed.
This won't affect the tts since it sees the environment with which
emacs was started
>On a second point - do you actually need to load the autoloads for jjp
>- I suspect that as it requires multi-byte and given the initials
>being used, this is possibly a module to support Japanese character
>sets. Maybe you don't need that module if you don't use Japanese? 
Almost certainly not but it's in the update/make/install cycle for
auctex and if you're a cvs addict you may well find yourself
>continually having to remove it.

Speaking of cvs addiction, I heartily recommend upgrading to the cvs
snapshot of emacs.  I was having tremendous stability problems with
emacs-21.3 and DecTalk, involving emacs freezing etc.  The TTS crashes
as often as it ever did with emacs-22.050 but it doesn't take emacs
down with it any more

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