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Re: I need help on Virtual with Emacspeak

If I understand you correctly you have emacspeak running on a local
machine and want to edit files that sit on  a remote machine that
does not necessarily have emacspeak installed.

One simple way to edit remote files via ssh is to use the "tramp"
package in emacs. If you have emacs 22, you already have it, otherwise
you will have to install it separately. Once it is installed on your
local machine, you can do

C-x C-f /username@remote-machine:some-directory/some-file <RET>

After entering the password for username on remote-machine, things
should work automagically as if the file were stored locally.

Another way is to install and run emacspeak on the remote machine and
forward the speech output to your local machine. I have no experience
with this, but others certainly have.

Another way that is independent of emacspeak is to mount your remote
filesystem via ssh or any other method on your local machine. "shfs"
or "fuse" work well for this.

Hth, Lukas

hararghe1@aol.com writes ("Re: I need help on Virtual with Emacspeak"):
> Hi Lukas:
> First from the EMACS I'll open the shell, then from that point onwards I have 
> to ssh to get into the virtual operating system machine in the lab.  And once 
> in there, though there is no error message, I download the Linux kernel 
> 2.4.20.tar.gz file, from the suggested website and after doing the untarring and 
> unzipping, using the cd Linux-2.4.20, I will be in that directory.  In this  
> directory, I will open the Makefile using EMACS and the C-x c-f command.
> After opening this file scrolling to read the text in that file and editing 
> is difficult or impossible.  Is there any EMACS or Emacspeak command that can 
> help me navigate to read and edit this and other files?  Thanks

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