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I suggest you try compiling FLite for the Mac -- a G4 is a pretty
fast machine, and unless the Java implementation on that platform
is really really bad, you should be able to run TTS on it realtime.

>>>>> "Yvonne" == Yvonne Thomson <yvonne@netbrains.com.au> writes:
    Yvonne> Hi, guys.  I'm reporting back, like I said I
    Yvonne> would. Did I get it to work? Well, again, sort of.
    Yvonne> This is on a 12 inch ibook, running the latest
    Yvonne> version of osx and all the osx developer tools.
    Yvonne> I used the version of java that comes with os x and
    Yvonne> also the version of emacs that comes with os
    Yvonne> x. Latest version of freets. Basically, I *think* the
    Yvonne> ibook's just too slow to run it. I can't be sure,
    Yvonne> because the problem I get only really shows up when I
    Yvonne> try to read more than a line of text at a time.
    Yvonne> It loses text. In other words, it seems to be
    Yvonne> overrunning a buffer somewhere.
    Yvonne> I have nothing to compare it to, since I've never run
    Yvonne> freetts before, so I guess I still have some more
    Yvonne> tests to do. What I'd say is, if you've got a faster
    Yvonne> mac than my g4, give it a shot. If you've got any
    Yvonne> ideas about buffers and so on in freetts, let me
    Yvonne> know. Otherwise, it looks like I'm duel booting for a
    Yvonne> while yet.
    Yvonne> Oh well, so close and yet so far.
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