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At Tue, 22 Aug 2006 05:58:16 -0700,
T V Raman wrote:
> I suggest you try compiling FLite for the Mac -- a G4 is a pretty
> fast machine, and unless the Java implementation on that platform
> is really really bad, you should be able to run TTS on it realtime.

That's what's puzzling me about the whole thing. All my research says
that Java on the mac is really fast, and that freetts is really fast.

I'm seriously considering dropping a note to whoever wrote the speech
server and seeing if there's some other problem.

As for flite, well, umm, there doesn't seem to be much point there. That
was my original plan, since that's what I'm using already, but
according to the readme file  they haven't got output to the sound card working on the Mac.

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