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Re: disabling vm's textification of pdf attachments

Hi Lucas,
   Mea culpa! Because I saw Raman settings in the customize buffer. I
   assumed that this was a tvr feature and did not bother to study the
   VM info manual!

Thanks a million.

Lukas Loehrer writes:
 > Hi Kalyan,
 > just hit "$ w" when the cursor is on the attachment and you will be
 > asked for the path to save the attachment to. Look at the VM info
 > pages for more actions on attachments.
 > Hth, Lukas
 > Kalyan Mukherjea writes ("disabling vm's textification of pdf attachments"):
 > > Hello all,
 > > One feature I find somewhat annoying: Any pdf attachment comes up with
 > > an invitation to click mouse2 to decode into text. I haven't been able
 > > to figure out how to save the attachment to a file.

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