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Re: freetts on ibook

> Well, I managed to get emacspeak to find it ok, admittedly it was a
> hack, but it did work. I simply created a dummy server that did nothing,
> and set emacspeak to remote connect to the server as soon as it started.

Good.  For me, that's always been the hardest part.

> I have no idea, though, why this just didn't work on os x. It was either
> too slow, or there was something weird going on with the buffering,
> because it just couldn't read large blocks of text.

Hmmm...very odd, and I'm sorry to hear about the problems.  I wonder if
there might be something in the content of those large blocks of text
that make FreeTTS fail?

I wish I had the time to help debug this problem more.  Unfortunately,
though, I'm under a massive crunch to get Orca V1.0 into GNOME 2.16.


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