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Re: just a newbi problem, want to use festival, not flite with emacspeak

let me start right from scratch.
may be that will help you all experts solve my problem.
I have a ubuntu box ready with festival.
and I find that as of now there is still no good gui desktop screen reader.
so I decided to switch back to emacspeak.
but as I am aware, viavoice no longer works with newer distros.  if it
does work, some one please let me know how?
right now the situation is that I don't have emax nor emacspeak
installed on my system.
so I wonder weather I will have to compile emax and then emacspeak on
top of that?
if yes then will it be possible with gcc 4 or above?
second, some one previously told me that espeakf will work with
emacspeak and directly access festival.
is it true?
and thirdly,
I will mainly use emacspeak if at all I can install it, to program in
c and python.
+ I want to use it for my bash shel also.
internet is the next thing I will look at.
I hope I have been clear and if not I am very sorry and will provide
any information needed from my side.
thanks all.

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