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Re: just a newbi problem, want to use festival, not flite with emacspeak

krishnakant Mane writes ("just a newbi problem, want to use festival, not flite with emacspeak"):
> I want to use emacspeak with festival directly on my ubuntu machine.
> but I herd eflite and flite and is not what I can call exceptablely
> good quality.

Have you tried multispeech? It uses an mbrola voice wich sounds rather
different from flite, so you might like it. I have not yet managed to
set up multispeech myself, but you can try it on the Oralux 0.7 live
CD. It works well with emacspeak and offers languages other than

If you want to use festival, your best bet is currently to do it via
speech-dispatcher in my opinion. Ask on their mailing list if there is
a way to use it from emacspeak. Otherwise, you will have to use
speech-el instead of emacspeak.

Best regards, Lukas

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