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  Subject: very strange output from emacspeak, can't read command completion.

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Hi Krishna,

Have you tried completing when there is more than one choice

I just now opened a chell buffer (M-x shell) from my scratch
buffer. So I was at the shell prompt in my ~/ directory.

I typed cd new and pressed TAB. Emacspeak started reading out the
Completion List buffer which looked like this

Click <mouse-2> on a completion to select it.
In this buffer, type RET to select the completion near point.

Possible completions are:
new-packages/			   new.vm
new.vm~				   new/

I did C-x-o to get to this buffer and pressed M-f repetedly to move
forward by word till I reached newton/ then pressed RET, this brought
me back to the shell buffer and the point was at the end of the
completed line
$ cd newton. Pressing RET I went to the directory ~/newton/

I don't see the problem. But then I have character echo		`on'
rather than `off' but I doubt that makes a difference. 

You should assume that Emacs will do the completion correctly  and if
you are paraanoid after pressing TAB press M-b to hear the last word.



krishnakant Mane writes:
 > hello,
 > I have tried hard to fix this problem but now I have given up.
 > I can't hear emacspeak anounce the completed command on the shell.
 > when I am in the shell with escape x and then shell, I type for
 > example cd /usr/sr and press tab.  when I pressed the backspace key I
 > came to know that sr was actually completed to src.  yet emacspeak did
 > not anounce it.
 > same way from the shell I typed cd /mnt/cd and pressed tab.  the rom
 > part was appended for the command completion, but emacspeak did not
 > anounce.
 > I did observe this with all the command completion.
 > what could be the problem?  how can I  fix this.
 > by the way I have the key echo off so only words are spoken.
 > if I may add, there is another question,
 > are there other voices with multispeak english?
 > how can I add them?
 > I have already installed oralux with emacspeak and it is working fine.
 > Krishnakant.
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