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hello all,
while I still can't find out how emacspeak reads command completion on
the shell,
I found one interesting thing.
firstly, I am repeating the fact that while emacspeak gives me code
completion options for more than one possibility when it exists, i am
now getting the output after completion by read line or read word.
but the thing is should emacspeak not read it?
so I went back to yasr and confirmed that yasr works well for my problem.
now on to the other interesting point for which I am writing this email.
should I use lynx, w3m or any other browser.  since I wont really know
how good it will be for reading my emails on gmail and yahoo,
I want to know before hand so that I don't mes up with my replies etc.
and what is the best tool with emacspeak for web serffing?
I found lynx with yasr doing pritty good.  but heard many people use
emacspeak as their ownly desktop.  is it true?
can any one please identify himself or herself who uses emacspeak for
all the daily desktop work?
I use google very often for searching information and go to other sights too.
I will like to create html documents and then convert it to pdf which
I know can be done.
but does emacspeak anounce the formatting of html documents like bold
letter, font size and alignment?
can emacspeak render html tables through speach formatting?
Please solve my above queries and point me to correct resources
specially for guides/ manuals on surffing the web for emacspeak.

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