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interesting emacspeak observation help please.

Hi Krishna,

Here are answers to some of your questions; most of them are already
answered in the info document and the overview one gets by typing C-h
C-e in an Emacspeak buffer. 

I use Emacspeak (under X and a gnome Window manager) for everything I
do on the computer.

For emails I fetch the letters from pop.gmail.com using POP3 via VM
and send my letters by SMTP: this part is tricky: i could not succeed
in configuring  sendmail   to meet google's TLS and other
requirements. I use msmtp a very small but easy-to -configure utility
(there is a Debian package, so you can fetch it using aptget.)

I don'T think any of the web browsers which can work through Emacs are
java enabled and so you won't be able to open the gmail web page to
send/receive mails.   using the google webpage and Emacspeak.

I use w3m and searching/googling is very easy. In any w3m buffer if
you type `S' you are prompted for the search term. What you type in is
sent to google when you pressRET. 

As for writing html documents, which I have not done, there is a PSGML
mode (which Raman recommends) and a html-helper-mode. 

krishnakant Mane writes:
 > hello all,
 > while I still can't find out how emacspeak reads command completion on
 > the shell,
 > I found one interesting thing.
 > firstly, I am repeating the fact that while emacspeak gives me code
 > completion options for more than one possibility when it exists, i am
 > now getting the output after completion by read line or read word.
 > but the thing is should emacspeak not read it?
 > so I went back to yasr and confirmed that yasr works well for my problem.
 > now on to the other interesting point for which I am writing this email.
 > should I use lynx, w3m or any other browser.  since I wont really know
 > how good it will be for reading my emails on gmail and yahoo,
 > I want to know before hand so that I don't mes up with my replies etc.
 > and what is the best tool with emacspeak for web serffing?
 > I found lynx with yasr doing pritty good.  but heard many people use
 > emacspeak as their ownly desktop.  is it true?
 > can any one please identify himself or herself who uses emacspeak for
 > all the daily desktop work?
 > I use google very often for searching information and go to other sights too.
 > I will like to create html documents and then convert it to pdf which
 > I know can be done.
 > but does emacspeak anounce the formatting of html documents like bold
 > letter, font size and alignment?
 > can emacspeak render html tables through speach formatting?
 > Please solve my above queries and point me to correct resources
 > specially for guides/ manuals on surffing the web for emacspeak.
 > Krishnakant.
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