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want to contribute with some PlugIns for emacspeak.

hello all,
I have been sending a lot of posts to this list regarding some issue
probably never thought of by any one.
never the less I will like to go on further with helping to find
answers for my own question and also helping others who feel the same.
I have been asking how I can read font information from a web page or
a LaTeX document or a pdf document for that matter.
till now all that I have understood is the fact that no complete
system is available to tell you that "the text is bold " or "font size
is large".  this is so much unlike the ideas of sir T. V. Raman when
he talks about the audio desktop.  his thinking is so cloase to me but
the only difference is that he think about this much before me and
actually implemented almost all the ideas to perfection.  this is
obvious because I am not as great as he is.
any ways with due respect to his idea that an audio desktop should
talk to a blind person like a sited person would (I herd him giving
the example of emails in an interview), I find that formatting
information is also important for a blind person like me who creats a
lot of commertial documents and even presentations.
so I have decided to write the extentions myself.
but I will need guidance from all you people as to how I must start
and what I need to learn for doing what I want to do.
my idea is to have a key combination like ctrl + alt + f for listening
to font and alignment information.  so that for a text which is a
heading aligned in center and bolded, I can here emacspeak say
"heading aligned center and bolded".
may be I will add some more functionality later.
but let me at least begin.
can any one suggest me how I can go about it?
I will like to inform the list that I am a experienced developed in
python and also write a lot of code in c language.
any suggestions please?

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