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Re: manual needed for mbrola with emacspeak setup

    I can't yet hear emacspeak differentiate between links and normal
    text when in w3m. ... there is no way I can know that the page
    which I wanted to open in w3m has actually opened.

Those problems mean you don't have Emacspeak set up right.  I never
have those problems.  I always can tell the difference between links
and normal text; I can always tell which Web page is open.

    I discovered that w3m could not read the page properly.

I just checked the Web page with W3M mode.  (I did not try to login,
since I do not have an account and have no reason to get one.)  The
page comes across fine.

Please set up Emacspeak with Festival and with proper settings.
Experiment as necessary.

That way Emacspeak will do all those things, at least it does on my
old Debian system with an Intel i386-type chip running the `testing'
distribution using a recent CVS Emacs and a recent SVN Emacspeak, a
Debian Festival, and a CVS espeakf.

Documentation is available.  Much is part of the most recent
distributions, although it may not be in older ones.  As far as I
know, you don't need to go outside of the most recent distributions.

Programming is needed -- especially for libraries like W3 -- so it is
worth learning Emacs Lisp.

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