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manual needed for mbrola with emacspeak setup

hello lukas, roberts (both of you) and other friends on the list.
I have tried searching a tutorial or manual for for emacspeak setup
with mbrola.  but none of them appeared on my browser.  I tried to
search it with google too.
let me inform on the list that I am using oralux because emacspeak
comes by default with it.  I know that there are latest updates to the
oralux repository as was informed to me by Lukas.
I went on the URL
there I found the following couple of interesting lines that's why I
am also sending this email particularly to lukas.
"Lukas Loehrer kindly proposes his eflite/flite packages compliant with
ALSA. He also helped to improve some of my multipeech packages."
lukas, can you please provide me the way to manage these packages?  I
mean if the character pronounciation has improved for letters like "u
", I will be more than happy to use mbrola voices instead of flite and
eflite.  I am also asuming that after using mbrola I will have links,
headings and strong text spoken with different audio settings or
perhaps after installing these packages some one may suggest how to
actually enable audio icons.  I found some previous emails and tried
to dabble with emacspeak settings, now I can here a beep on blank
lines and also a different beep for dotted lines and I also hear flite
telling me "text is indented ".  now all that remains to be solve is
with w3m.  having gone through all documentation and emails, I can't
yet hear emacspeak differentiate between links and normal text when in
w3m.  if mbrola can solve this problem well and good, else I will
again have to go through another set of complex docs for espeakd.el
and to get it working with festival.
by the way another strange thing I found out is that there is no way I
can know that the page which I wanted to open in w3m has actually
opened.  like for example if I open www.gnu.org, I have to keep
guessing whether the page has opened or not.  I have to make an
aproximet guess as to how many seconds the page can take to open.
this is another way where I am very much used to jaws telling me that
the page is done opening and it starts reading the page.  it also
automatically tells me the status of the page opening like "10%, 15%
and 100%".  so I am quite used to that.  may be I don't know some
thing in emacspeak that exactly does that so I will only blaim myself
not emacspeak.
thanks all

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