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Hello all,

eSpeak [1] is a Free (GPL) TTS available in English and potentially in
many other languages. So, I am adding a French support to eSpeak.

The pitch can be easily modified on eSpeak; this might suit the
Emacspeak voice lock mode. 

Firstly for my own tests, I would like to connect eSpeak to
Emacspeak. The aim remains to share the resulting solution.
I guess there are three possibilities:

1. An Emacspeak speech server: probably the fastest to
  implement and a pure Emacspeak solution. 
  However, I would prefer if possible a more universal solution,
  compliant with other Accessibility technologies such as Speakup,
  Yasr, and perhaps Orca or LSR.

2. A Multispeech extension: this is interesting if it does not lead to a
   Multispeech fork.

3. An Emacspeak / Speech-dispatcher bridge.
   Speech dispatcher is already compliant with eSpeak.

This bridge is debated from times to times in this list. Have you
already tried to experiment such a bridge?

Thank you,


[1] eSpeak

Oralux http://oralux.org

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