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Tim Cross writes ("Re: eSpeak"):
> Lukas Loehrer writes:
>  > You could try to modify eflite in such a way that it uses espeak
>  > instead of flite for speech generation. You could still use flite for
>  > audio playback via alsa. eflite alsready deals with parsing and
>  > queuing the commands coming from emacspeak and also with queuing
>  > speech for playback once it is synthesized. Modifying eflite is
>  > probably the easiest solution if espeak only offers a C

I thought about it again and One problem with starting from eflite is that
it does not support multiplel languages at this point which is the
main reason to try espeak in the first place. There is some facility
in eflite for supporting multiple voices but it is not used as far as
I can tell.

> Creating a tcl interface to a C API based TTS is actually very easy.
> While perl, python and other scripting languages have gained more
> ground than Tcl in recent years, I have to say that extending Tcl with
> C subroutines is a *lot* easier than with other scripting languages
> like Perl. 

For Python, I like to use pyrex which is basically a way to write
Python C extensions in a language very similar to Python itself.
Things like reference counting are all taken care of automagically. It
is not part of the official python distribution though.


Best regards, Lukas

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