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problem using gmail

Hello everybody,

I wonder how many, if any, Emacspeakers use gmail to receive and send
electronic mail.
particular problem that I am facing.

I retrieve my mail using  Vm ,pop over a ssl connection using stunnel and
send my letters to smtp.gmail.com using msmtp.

The problem:

When I send a letter to the list, as I am doing now, the letter
appears on the list and if someone answers I get their reply but gmail
does not send me the copy of my letter which the list's server sends
out to me. I asked Greg about this. He thought perhaps  because the
return-post  from   the list purpports to come from myself but is
emanating from emacspeak@cs.vassar.edu the spam filter at gmail sends
it to  the spam foldder.

Of course, I cannot use the webpage of gmail and since Raman has not
yet awarded the google T shirt, I suppose no other blind emacspeaker
can use the web page either! I asked my wife to go to my account on
this page and see if there were any letters from emacspeak in my spam
folder. There were none there.

The letters of mine which have been answered or letters I sent to the
list in response to queries on the list appear as "conversations". (my
wife uses XP and does not really understand linux language,
so our understanding of what is happening on the other's machine is
hazy.) But what is going on at gmail.com?

Does anyone have any idea of what can be done.

Greg's suggestion that I send a blind copy to myself will not tell me
if my letter has reached the list; so is there any work around for


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