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problem using gmail

For now, the simplest fix might be for you to set up VM so that
it copies you on outgoing mail -- that way the copy will be
delivered locally. Alternatively, you might want to set VM up so
that all outgoing mail is automatically copied to Mail/outgoing
-- you can periodically clean that out or save messages you care

>>>>> "Kalyan" == Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan.infinity@gmail.com> writes:
    Kalyan> Hello everybody, I wonder how many, if any,
    Kalyan> Emacspeakers use gmail to receive and send electronic
    Kalyan> mail.  particular problem that I am facing.
    Kalyan> I retrieve my mail using Vm ,pop over a ssl
    Kalyan> connection using stunnel and send my letters to
    Kalyan> smtp.gmail.com using msmtp.
    Kalyan> The problem:
    Kalyan> When I send a letter to the list, as I am doing now,
    Kalyan> the letter appears on the list and if someone answers
    Kalyan> I get their reply but gmail does not send me the copy
    Kalyan> of my letter which the list's server sends out to
    Kalyan> me. I asked Greg about this. He thought perhaps
    Kalyan> because the return-post from the list purpports to
    Kalyan> come from myself but is emanating from
    Kalyan> emacspeak@cs.vassar.edu the spam filter at gmail
    Kalyan> sends it to the spam foldder.
    Kalyan> Of course, I cannot use the webpage of gmail and
    Kalyan> since Raman has not yet awarded the google T shirt, I
    Kalyan> suppose no other blind emacspeaker can use the web
    Kalyan> page either! I asked my wife to go to my account on
    Kalyan> this page and see if there were any letters from
    Kalyan> emacspeak in my spam folder. There were none there.
    Kalyan> The letters of mine which have been answered or
    Kalyan> letters I sent to the list in response to queries on
    Kalyan> the list appear as "conversations". (my wife uses XP
    Kalyan> and does not really understand linux language, so our
    Kalyan> understanding of what is happening on the other's
    Kalyan> machine is hazy.) But what is going on at gmail.com?
    Kalyan> Does anyone have any idea of what can be done.
    Kalyan> Greg's suggestion that I send a blind copy to myself
    Kalyan> will not tell me if my letter has reached the list;
    Kalyan> so is there any work around for this?
    Kalyan> Cheers.  Kalyan
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