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Bug in emacspeak?

I copied your lines of code into a foo.rb file so that it was in
ruby mode, and yes, the third line of special chars is not spoken
with punctuations set to some. 

On the Dectalk Express it does produce a tone; I need to verify
if/whether it produces a tone on the Viavoice.

Personally I dont think this is a bug --- which chars did you
expect to be spoken out of the line:

Note that punctuation some in TTS is purely to preserve
intonation structure, and is not necessarily very clever about
selectively speaking subsets of chars out of a string like

But the bigger question: why would you program with punctuations
set to some? Anyone who does that will surely get what they deserve:-)

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@rapttech.com.au> writes:
    Tim> Dear all,
    Tim> for a while, I've observed occasions when emacspeak
    Tim> refuses to speak a line which contains punctuation
    Tim> characters, but no alphanumberic characters even when
    Tim> punctuation mode is set to none.. I've not looked into
    Tim> this at all, but wanted to see if anyone else
    Tim> experiences similar behavior. I suspect its possibly a
    Tim> bug in the cleanup patterns used in the tcl script, but
    Tim> this is just a wild arse guess. I'm wondering if users
    Tim> with other synthesises experience the same problem (I'm
    Tim> using ViaVoice). this may help me track down what the
    Tim> error is due to.
    Tim> Below is an example using a piece of ruby code. In this
    Tim> example, the 3rd line is not spoken unless punctuation
    Tim> is set to all. However, I think it should still speak
    Tim> some of the characters if punctuation is set to some,
    Tim> but this doesn't happen unless you also add some
    Tim> non-punctuation characters.
    Tim> def showRE(a,re) if a =~ re "#{$`}<<#{$&}>>#{$'}" else
    Tim> "no match" end end
    Tim> The reason I suspect this is a bug rather than a feature
    Tim> is because its behavior is inconsistent. For example, if
    Tim> you add an alphernumeric character to the end of the
    Tim> line - for example 'f', then the line is spoken with all
    Tim> the $ characters and the f. Once you remove the f,
    Tim> nothing is spoken, but I would have expected the dollar
    Tim> signs should still have been spoken (this is with
    Tim> punctuation set to some). I've also noticed that if you
    Tim> get this page spoken using page up and then page down,
    Tim> the dollar signs do get spoken, but if you move through
    Tim> the page using the down arrow or C-n, the line is
    Tim> blank. You also don't hear the indent spoken.
    Tim> I'm hoping someone using a different synthesizer which
    Tim> uses a tcl script does not observe this inconsistency as
    Tim> this will give me something to compare and assist in
    Tim> debugging these reasonably complex regular expressions.
    Tim> -- Tim Cross tcross@rapttech.com.au
    Tim> There are two types of people in IT - those who do not
    Tim> manage what they understand and those who do not
    Tim> understand what they manage.
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Best Regards,

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