emacspeak mirror site

The emacspeak files are mirrored at cs.vassar.edu and are available 3 ways:

1) Via http (the web)

The URL is http://www.cs.vassar.edu/mirror/emacspeak/

2) Via anonymous ftp

The site to connect to is ftp.cs.vassar.edu 

the files are in and below the directory /pub/mirror/emaspeak

3) Via E-mail

We are running ftpmail.  The address is ftpmail@cs.vasar.edu

Ftpmail allows you to get files through e-mail from an ftp site.  It
understands most ftp commands.  Large files are split up into smaller
ones that have to be appened together and then have uudecode run on
them.  FTP is a much better option if you have it, but if you don't,
this will work.  It is an automated service, no human sees this mail.
If you have problems using it, send mail to me
(priestdo@cs.vassar.edu).  It only works as a gateway to our ftp site.
For help send a message to ftpmail@cs.vassar.edu, containing the word

Below is the body of a sample mail message that will return a
directory listing of what is in the emacspeak directory.

cd /pub/mirror/emacspeak

And here is the body of a sample mail message that retreives the files
emacspeak-4.0.tgz, emacs-console.tar.gz and sounds.tgz and mails them
to you (split up and uuencoded).

cd pub/mirror/emacspeak
get emacs-console.tar.gz
get emacspeak-4.0.tgz
get sounds.tgz

Again, if you have problems using any of the above retrieval methods
send me mail (priestdo@cs.vassar.edu).

Greg Priest-Dorman