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Running dectalk driver remotely.

This will have to be polished up, but I've beaten on it some and it appears to
work like a charm.

Appended below is a simple shell script that you should save as remote-tcl in
the emacspeak directory.

Having done so, when you launch a terminal and log in to another machine,
a) Make sure the other machine can rsh to your desktop machine.
(you may have to create a .rhosts appropriately depending on your network

b) For now edit script remote-tcl and replace labrador by the name of your
desktop machine. (eventually we'll get this from the environment)
Also, make sure the pathname to tcl is correct for your environment.

c) set the environment variable DTK_TCL to the complete pathname of the script

d) Make sure remote-tcl is executable --for safety just run it by hand first.

e) If all goes well, launch emacs with emacspeak loaded on the remote machine,
and turn off speech locally on the local emacspeak sesion in the terminal
buffer by pressing C-e d q.

Now, the remote emacspeak session will talk as if it were running locally.
Note: when you switch buffers in the local emacspeak you'll get speech back
since we only turned it off in the local eterm buffer.

All of this works, but you'll have to think "local" and "remote" carefully.

Also, remember that you will have to send C-e C-e twice for the remote
emacspeak to see it once.

Once all this gets robust I'll provide a way for you to switch the C-e prefix
on a running emacspeak to something else e.g. C-r for the remote guy.

Now for the script--

#$Id: remote-dtk,v 1.1 1996/10/13 18:58:35 raman Exp $
#Description: Launch a dectalk driver on a remote host.

rsh $remote $tcl $1

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