Need to talk with a few emacspeak users

I am looking for a few email addresses of people who are using Emacspeak, preferably 
people who are not scientists or programmers.

I have been talking with Franklin Shiner (shiner@plainfield.bypass.com) who is blind 
and is very computer-literate.  Franklin is not convinced that Emacspeak is an 
appropriate technology for the average blind person who is not technically oriented 
but who needs to use a computer at work.  He would like to correspond with other 
people who are using Emacspeak, preferably non-technical people.

My role in this is as follows:
I read the Scientific American "Profile" about TV Raman and got interested in trying 
out the Emacspeak program.  I am working on setting up an Emacspeak demo for Vermont 
Center for Independent Living (VCIL) in Montpelier, VT.  So far, I have acquired a 
486 computer (donated by my employer) and have installed Linux and Emacs.  I have 
gotten it to connect with my internet account and I have email working.  I am in the 
process of learning Emacs and will shortly be installing Emacspeak and W3.  VCIL has 
a DECTALK Express that we can use to try it out.

Mark Newbold
Montpelier, Vermont USA
WWW: http://www.sover.net/~manx