Need to talk with a few emacspeak users

Hi Mark--

I'm obviously unqualified to answer your request.

But could you spend a  a few sentences saying why your friend thinks
emacspeak is not an appropriate solution to all but the technophyle?
Has he in fact tried it?

I've seen many blind users bend over backwards to learn to use software on the
dos platform, and I would hardly describe some of the things that people end
up doing to access some Windows applications as being for the faint hearted.

It is true that because of the lack of accessibility tools to UNIX, many blind
users have been forced to stay on dos and there is definitely some fear and
uncertainty  regarding the switch to UNIX.

Let me be very clear about this; the intent of this message is not to convince
you or  your friend to use emacspeak;  it is born of a  desire to understand
where the "perceived difficulty" comes from, and ascertain to what extent it
is in fact well-founded.

Best Regards,

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