Re: eterm problems

Jim Rebman <jrebman@netcom.com> writes:

>Try this:
>alt-x, then type "term" (like you said you tried).
>Then, put the terminal in line mode by typing c-c j, and see if that 
>helps any.

I think you mean C-c C-j.  This brought me one big step forward: the
escape character for "term" is C-c, while the escape character for
"terminal-emulator" is C-^.

However, I still don't have any of the eterm commands working, and I
still get stuck in term mode.  (With the help window also displayed,
C-c o generates only a beep and the message "Cannot open load file:
outline-m" in the minibuffer.)

I'm using GNU Emacs 19.31.1

Any other ideas?

                             - Jim Van Zandt