Re: EmacsSpeak?

Davros T. Slug writes:
 > One question:
 > Can EmacsSpeak read a shell if you start a shell from under emacs?
 Most certainly, yes. I do the above all the time.
 > run emacs, open a shell, and run telnet, ftp, or something)?
 Note: vanila shell mode under emacs ie when you do M-x shell does not handle
 terminal emulation correctly. This means that things like telnet don't work
 well under shell-mode.
 Emacs has a "term.el" that does terminal emulation, but this is also buggy.
 There is a package called eterm which is a full terminal emulator for emacs,
 and this is what I use when I run telnet sessions from inside emacs. eterm is
 powerful and robust and will let you open telnet sessions to other hosts and
 work correctly. Emacspeak has been extended to work with eterm; see module

 You can pick up eterm from ftp://ftp.cygnus.com/pub/eterm 
 > By the way, I'm going to start looking at getting the thing going for the 
 > Accent now. (I've just got emacs on my system...)
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