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Davros T. Slug writes:
 > I asked Mr Raman about this, and he said that anyone can write drivers 
 > and he encourages that sort of thing, because writing drivers is boring. 
 > (He said he could give advice but the code is up to us...)
 Absolutely, you're free to write as many drivers as you like:-) 
 > Which leads me to the question: 
 Okay, here are some tips to get you started.
 > I looked at the dtk-exp driver, and since I don't know the DECTalk 
 > command set, I don't really see how it works. How can I translate those
 Look for instance at the tcl procs dectalk_set_rate in dtk-exp
 It sends out the appropriate command string to the Dectalk by using the TCL
 puts command.
 > commands to the Accent equivalents? (I.E.: to change the rate, pitch, and 
 > other things, you send an escape character (ASCII 27) followed by 
 > something else.) Since I don't know about tcl, a clue to get me started 
 > would be nice, if anyone can provide such.
 so the dectalk equivalent in dectalk_set_rate is
 puts $dectalk_globals(write) "[:rate $rate]"
 #puts is the tcl command
 #dectalk_globals(write) is the file handle that is connected to the
 #$rate is the new rate being set (this is a tcl variable)

 So in the case of the accent you would replace "[:rate $rate]" with
 \033 is escape (octal)
 ... is whatever the accent wants to change the rate. 
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