C++ mode of emacs

Hi Jim,

Emacs19 comes with two libraries for editing c/C++.
The first is vanila c mode and c++ mode from the fsf folks also known as bocm
(boring old c mode)
the other is cc-mode.el (found in the lisp directory of the emacs

Take a look at it, it is way cool. And of course, emacspeak squeezes every
ounce out of it.

Here are the things that are most useful:

1) You can have emacspeak speak the semantics of a line to you; utterances of
the form "on the opening line of a c/c++ block"
or "on the first line of a cpp directive"
2) Easily jump through code by using next-statement and previous-statement
(bound to M-p and  M-n)

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