Re: Emacspeak 3.52 released:

Hi Urvashi,

Dectalk first:

If you connect the Dectalk to a serial line on the suns, say /dev/ttya, you
need to make sure that the line is set to do ixon/ixoff handshaking and has
-echo (ie no echo ) set.

You can do this using the UNIX shell command "stty", see the man page for

This done, you can make the dectalk talk by doing
cat > /dev/ttya
and typing some text at it. Do this to make sure the device works and talks

Next, make sure you have extended tcl, (TCLX) on your system. If not, grab it
off the net, and install it.
A simple check is to do "which tcl" at the shell.

Finally, see the emacspeak makefile for simple instructions for how to run it.

There is a shell script called emacspeak.sh in the emacspeak directory that
you can use to start emacspeak.

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