emacspeak and W3

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I'd like to get a sense of how many emacspeak users are using W3, and of these
how many have upgraded to the new 3.0.
W3 3.0 is evolving rapidly with betas coming out every few days; I'd also like
to get a sense for how often you upgrade your w3.

Reason for asking:

The emacspeak support is now directly built into W3 ie you dont normally need
to upgrade emacspeak as you upgrade W3.

W3 now uses the widgets package by Per Abrahamsen  --which is also evolving--
this means that the relevant emacspeak module --emacspeak-widget.el is also

If there  is sufficient interest I'll post upgraded versions of
emacspeak-widget.el to this list.

I don't plan to make a major emacspeak release just for the changes in this
one module; the next major emacspeak release will probably happen in the
middle of the year.


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