Re: eterm problems

Jim Van Zandt writes:
 > In message <199701061910.LAA23134@labrador>, "T. V. Raman" writes:
 > >1) As mentioned in some of the emacspeak docs --eterm is a terminal emulator
 > >that started shipping with emacs only after version 19.29.
 > I have solved most of my eterm problems.  A few puzzles remain:
 >  "M-x term" works with emacspeak.  "M-x terminal-emulator" has a
 > little more friendly interface (on startup, it displays a message
M-x terminal-emulator is the old terminal emulator in emacs and is highly
 > broken.
I have no intention of supporting it under emacspeak
 > stating what the escape key is and saying how to get the help
 > message), but it does not work with emacspeak.  Are these modes two
 > versions of the same thing, or competitors, or what?
 >  "M-x term" has a character and a line submode.  Each has a bunch of
 > commands starting with C-c.  There are only three such commands common
 > to both modes.  Two of these are the commands to set the submode: C-c
 > C-k, C-c C-j.  In both submodes, characters you type are spoken.  In
 > line mode, a command's output and the shell's prompt are also spoken.
Think of line mode in term to be analogous to the shell buffer you get when
 > you do M-x shell.

character mode in term gives you a true terminal.

Typically, I switch to character mode before running true terminal oriented
  programs like emacs or vi inside the terminal.

I use line mode for doing the kind of things you would normally do in a shell
 > buffer.

For obvious reasons you need to switch term to line mode before you can switch
 > to other buffers in the running emacs.

 > Do you have any comments as to when each submode is useful?
 >  "C-t ," will usually tell you where the eterm pointer is.  The top
 > left corner of the window is "row 0 column 0".  However, the pointer
 > can also be above the first line of the window.  That region is also
I dont understand the statement "the pointer can be above the top left corner.
 > described as "row 0".
 > I am writing this up for an expanded version of the texinfo file that
 > I'm working on.
 >                           - Jim Van Zandt

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