Re: speaking splits at line end

>>>>> "T. V." == T V Raman <raman@Adobe.COM> writes:
T. V.> ...

T. V.> I don't know what you are doing to cause the above, but maybe
T. V.> the following will shed some light.

T. V.> ...

T. V.> Could you list out what actions you do efore and after
T. V.> suspending your laptop?

I notice this the most in w3-mode.

But then that is the mode most likely for me to leave in the middle.
When I am editing or creating something I usually will save and exit
the file before shutting down.  When reading the web, I will just turn
off (suspend) the machine.

When I suspend my laptop I just press the power button, same to bring
it back on, if I have left the dectalk on then that's it.  If I have
turned off the dectalk, then the first command I type after pressing
the power switch is C-e C-s.

Occationally when restarting I will get an error and emacspeak will
not respond to keys and eventually C-g will produce a core dump.  But
that is rare.

The next time it starts seporating at end of line in w3 mode I will
examine the dtk-chunk-separator-syntax variable and the *Message*