speaking splits at line end

Greg E. Priest-Dorman writes:

 > Sometimes when reading, emacspeak will start using the end of line as
 > a boundry to split speaking.  I have not found a way to reset this
 > withoug exiting and returning to emacspeak.  Am I missing something?


I don't know what you are doing to cause the above, but maybe the following
will shed some light.

Emacspeak uses different rules for splitting text up into chunks based on what
mode the buffer is in.
In text mode as well as in fundamenal-mode, text is split on clause
In modes for programming languages like C text is split on line boundaries
--ditto for things like shell mode.

Finally, when speaking the contents of the *Completions* buffer, things are
split on word boundaries.

Also, if voice lock is one, and some application is applying voice properties
to text you may hear some end of line choppiness.

All this said, why things change on you is unclear.

 > I guess a more general question would be: "Is there a reset that will
 > reset all emacspeak settings? (Not just the dectalk like C-e C-s
 > does.)

Not right now, but may be worth considering for emacspeak 6.0
Incidentally, if you just want to reset the Dectalk's state, use C-e dR
(dtk-reset-state --instead of C-e C-s --dtk-emergency-restart; the former just
sends the right control codes to the Dectalk to reset it; the latter kills the
running dectalk driver and restarts it.

>Also, are other people noticing this behavior.  It happens just
 > frequently enough to be annoying and not offten enough for me to see
 > what causes it but I think it may be linked to suspending my laptop.

Could you list out what actions you do efore and after suspending your laptop?befreo

 > Thanks,
 > Greg

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